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What is Next for Sealing Systems?

We take pride in being the largest global automotive sealing supplier that our customers trust and rely on. Being the leader, comes with a great deal of responsibility and makes it important for us to keep looking ahead, asking ourselves, what is next? Our experts continue to push boundaries, looking for ways to innovate and redefine what we can offer customers. We not only plan to maintain our #1 position but pursue ways to improve by:

  • Building on our Company’s sustainability journey using smarter materials
    We don’t just use environmental, social and governance as “buzz words” throughout our messaging, they are the key drivers of our daily responsibilities as a team. When designing new innovations, we look for ways to reduce our raw material consumption, preserve sources, repurpose recycled materials and lower our overall carbon footprint through process improvements. Since 2018, Fortrex® lightweight chemistry platform has been utilized in various sealing solutions in North America, Europe and China, offering a 30% weight reduction and up to a 53% reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional EPDM. We were recently honored with the Environmental + Energy Leader award in July for this milestone in material innovation.
  • Diversifying our sealing solutions with customization and appealing design 
    We strive to be diversified in what we provide to customers, including our ability to offer different types of materials (Fortrex®, rubber and TPE plastics) to all major automotive manufacturers globally. Each vehicle requires unique design elements with various styles based on shape, surface or color of our sealing systems, frameless and decorative trim applications. 
  • Challenging our team to discover the next revolutionary innovations or technologies 
    Since the launch of our i3 process and CS Open Innovation, we’ve had a strong focus on innovation encouraging stakeholders to imagine, initiate and innovate the next “big thing.” Several partnerships have emerged with our customers, universities and institutions from this innovation pipeline, allowing us to continue to push boundaries of new styling and sustainability solutions, with expert support at the front line of manufacturing.
  • Simplifying and streamlining our manufacturing processes for better efficiency and cost-savings 
    Processes are becoming even more systematic with ongoing enhancements in manufacturing. Artificial Intelligence plays a big role in driving efficiencies. In material science, the AI in our Formulink system helps reduce the number of steps to develop new compounds. In manufacturing, the AI used by our Liveline Technologies team helps extrusion lines run with higher quality and less waste. Several other digitalization tools from the support of our product development teams are replacing traditional physical testing procedures with new, safe ways to design, test and validate. As a result, this helps us reduce physical spends and lead time. To learn more about Liveline Technologies, go to: www.liveline.tech.

Being the market leader drives us to go the next mile. There are endless opportunities to expand our offerings to different industries, be smarter about how we produce products, and look for ways to enhance or launch new product concepts or patents. Our experts will continue to challenge the status quo, striving to become better. Our goal is to be the industry benchmark in automotive sealing systems, and we are proud to share our core innovations with the world.

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