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Sustainability Built from the Inside Out

According to Patrick Clark, Cooper Standard's senior vice president and managing director of global automotive, “it is the ingenuity – the big ideas and commitments – of its employees that set Cooper Standard up for long-term success in a changing business environment. One that is driven by – defined by – more sustainable expectations of customers and consumers.”

Patrick Clark and Susan Byron, Director, Corporate Strategy and Sustainability recently connected with Rubber News reporter Erin Pustay Beaven to discuss how Cooper Standard’s team and dedication to innovation are the driving factors in the Company’s sustainability success.

“We recognize," Clark said, “what a commitment like that to sustainability has on the organization and the overarching contribution that it makes to our purpose, which we (articulated) last year: Creating Sustainable Solutions Together.”

According to Clark, Cooper Standard’s global team of 23,000 people want to be part of something bigger, so the Company works to engage this global team to think beyond a short-term mission or achieving a certain task … even amidst the evolution current occurring in the global automotive industry.

“That change in the market is something that we have embraced, and we believe we are leading in our field," Clark said. "We believe in providing solutions to our customers, and this allows us to invest in the material science innovations and technologies they (OEMs) want – (things) that support sustainable solutions and meet current needs as well as the needs of the changing market.”

And, according to the article, as the automotive industry continues to define exactly what new mobility – more sustainable mobility – looks like, suppliers like Cooper Standard face new challenges. To develop new products with more renewable and recyclable materials. To meet new demands for noise reduction, efficiency and overall performance. And do it all with less waste, lighter-weight materials and smaller carbon footprints.

And you can bet, Clark said, that Cooper Standard is doing all of things. Even in places such as sealing where it isn't entirely expected to transition.

To learn more about Cooper Standard’s sustainability journey, check out the full Rubber News article here (subscription required).

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