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Cooper Standard ISG - Your Industrial and Specialty Partner for Innovation

Cooper Standard’s strategy to remain competitive in the markets it serves starts with its mission to “Be the First Choice of the Stakeholders We Serve”. We aspire to exceed expectations by meeting customers’ current needs and collaborating to identify future needs to meet evolving market dynamics. Cooper Standard has a long history of fostering long-term and strategic partnerships with its customers, and maintaining and improving satisfaction is crucial to its leading reputation in the global market.

When it comes to developing a new seal or working to improve the performance of an existing one, Cooper Standard ISG (Industrial and Specialty Group) offers a unique combination of expertise to attain maximum durability and optimum performance that saves time and money. 

Cooper Standard ISG often partners manufacturers to create start-to-finish sealing solutions that perform in the most demanding applications. Its FEA capabilities give Cooper Standard ISG an edge when designing seals based on compression, leak zones and other unique application requirements.

For example, long-term partner Sam Pardue – current Indow Window founder and CEO – contacted Cooper Standard ISG to discuss a solution for leaky windows in his classic 1906 Portland Craftsman house. Cooper Standard ISG helped create the now acclaimed Indow inserts, a big hit among thousands of homeowners around the country because of their airtight, highly efficient solutions, with no changes to their current window systems or architecture.

The Indow inserts also gained enough popularity to be featured in several episodes of the television show “This Old House!” Check out this testimonial for the full story by clicking here.

“Innovation can best happen when you have a partner that helps you bring your idea to fruition,” said Sam Pardue, CEO, Indow. “There is no doubt in my mind that Cooper Standard ISG has been an indispensable part of the Indow growth and success story. Without their expertise, we would not be where we are today.”

According to Ramsey Changoo, Cooper Standard’s Vice President and Managing Director for ISG, “When customers work with ISG team members, they gain more than just industry leading experts, they gain an extension to their team. Our engineering, materials and manufacturing team members provide valuable expertise and insight to help our customers develop the perfect solution for their application.”

Interested in how Cooper Standard can become your trusted partner? Click here to start the process.

About Cooper Standard ISG
The Industrial and Specialty Group (ISG) is a dedicated group within Cooper Standard that is responsible for accelerating growth and maximizing the value of Cooper Standard's products and technologies in non-automotive and specialty markets. ISG leverages the significant investments in technology and innovation made by Cooper Standard to bring OEM quality to markets that require cost-effective and high-quality products. For more information, please visit: www.cooperstandard-ISG.com.

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