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Cooper Standard’s Integrated Coolant Flow Manifold: Reducing Complexity and Streamlining Customer Assembly

As a leading supplier of automotive fluid handling systems, Cooper Standard delivers another innovation that makes electric vehicles affordable and helps increase vehicle range. The Integrated Coolant Flow Manifold (ICFM) is Cooper Standard’s latest advancement offering a streamlined solution by integrating fluid tubing, adaptors and connectors into a compact module. This integrated design reduces the number of parts and significantly decreases assembly labor by eliminating up to 11 customer assembly connections.

Leveraging our expertise in plastics design, digital modeling, injection molding and connection development, the ICFM not only offers improved fluid handling efficiency and performance but also occupies 50% less packaging space compared to traditional fluid routing products. Additionally, this design alternative provides improved customer assembly through improved operator access, reduced connections and ergonomics.

Cooper Standard’s ICFM delivers simplified fluid routing that provides customers with additional efficiency gains by removing tubing that would otherwise block air flow to the radiator. By simplifying and optimizing the system, over 1.6m of tubing and associated fittings are eliminated, leading to significant weight savings from the actual components. In addition, this innovative design reduces excess coolant fluid mass by over 0.34 kg (0.75 lbs), further improving overall performance and efficiency.

Cooper Standard’s Integrated Coolant Flow Manifold distinguished itself from a “one-size-fits-all” approach by offering a customized solution that is specifically designed to meet customers’ unique application needs and engineering challenges.  

Product Features

  • A one-piece welded fluid handling and modular routing solution
  • Optimized design to reduce packaging space and joints
  • Weight savings through the elimination of components and coolant fluid volume 
  • Reduced assembly labor through the reduction of connections
  • Reduced tubing and sub-component parts
  • Low-profile tubing barb connections
  • Improved durability and elimination of corrosion using welded, thermoplastic construction

To learn more, please visit: https://www.cooperstandard.com/products/fluid-transfer-systems

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