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Cooper Standard’s FlushSeal™ Sealing System: An Innovative Solution Providing Seamless Flush Side-glass Appearance for Traditional Door Architectures

In recent years, the automotive light vehicle market has witnessed a rising trend towards a streamlined and modern vehicle design often characterized by a seamless flush side-glass appearance. Initially popularized by the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as a means of differentiation, this trend has extended to other mid- and luxury-segment models across various powertrains. Traditionally, achieving this sleek appearance required a frameless vehicle architecture which impacted the door structure and assembly sequence. Cooper Standard’s FlushSeal™ sealing system offers an alternative to frameless architecture, allowing for the desired sleek aesthetic while retaining a traditional framed door design.

First introduced to the market in 2018, Cooper Standard’s FlushSeal™ system uses special rails to enable robust glass positioning and easy glass sliding for the regulator. This solution also allows for material flexibility, including EPDM, TPV and Cooper Standard’s Fortrex® material which provides both sustainability benefits and enhanced performance. Cooper Standard continues to refine our FlushSeal™ technology to align with the latest vehicle concepts and has been awarded numerous individual programs across seven global vehicle manufacturers to date. This outstanding achievement is a testament to our strong customer partnerships and continued focus on vehicle styling and system-level requirements.

Cooper Standard’s FlushSeal™ technology continues to gain industry and global customer recognition for its innovative design, robustness and cost-efficient execution on vehicles. Its versatility ensures a seamless integration process that enhances overall production efficiencies. FlushSeal™ stands out in the market by effectively addressing key OEM system requirements, including cost efficiency, material flexibility, weight reduction, quality, improved acoustics (less wind noise) and styling variation. In fact, FlushSeal™ was recently named an SPE® Automotive Innovation Award Finalist, further solidifying its position as an industry-leading solution.  

To learn more about FlushSeal™ and its remarkable capabilities, visit our website at: https://www.cooperstandard.com/products/FlushSeal or watch our newly released FlushSeal™ video.

Experience the future of vehicle design with Cooper Standard’s FlushSeal™!

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