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Cooper Standard Showcases EV Thermal Management Capabilities at ITB's Thermal Management Conference

To demonstrate  how Cooper Standard is simplifying vehicle thermal management systems and improving system efficiency, Cooper Standard’s Dr. Brian J. Cardwell, senior director of advanced fluid handling, is speaking at ITB’s 2024 Thermal Management System and Materials Conference.

Held in Novi, Mich. on June 13, the conference showcases thermal solutions for electrified drive, battery, passenger cabin comfort and safety systems, plus conventional / hybrid powertrain technologies. According to organizers, the show focuses on innovations to reduce cost while improving thermal performance of electrified vehicles.

Dr. Cardwell will address the evolving thermal management needs of the mobility industry throughout his presentation, “Trends and Novel Solutions for Efficient EV Glycol Thermal Management” at 9:25 a.m.

According to Dr. Cardwell, as the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to evolve, automakers need to remain focused on improving vehicle cost and driving range to help address consumer adoption. Key enablers to improving range include both lightweighting of components as well as improving overall thermal management system efficiency.

During his speech, he will present solutions that address the size and complexity of glycol thermal management systems, as well as novel integration opportunities to deliver improvements in overall system efficiency. He also will highlight how Cooper Standard is using advanced modeling, vertical integration, and lightweight thermoplastic materials to innovate a new family of scalable integrated fluid coolant control products called eCoFlow™.

“Simplifying vehicle thermal management system and improving its efficiency are the keys to unlocking improved electric vehicle range, while also significantly reducing the cost of the battery,” said Dr. Cardwell. “Our eCoFlow™ products significantly simplify fluid handling systems, improving efficiency and reducing vehicle weight to help achieve these goals.”

For over 40 years, Cooper Standard has been a leader in the development of automotive fluid handling plastic tubes and connectors, building a reputation of being an expert in the routing and connecting in this space. With the more recent proliferation of EVs with lower glycol coolant temperatures and pressures, Cooper Standard has seized the opportunity to bring new award-winning thermoplastic tube and connection technologies to the marketplace that enable automotive OEMs to improve vehicle range and reduce assembly costs. The eCoFlow™ product line, developed in partnership with Saleri (www.saleri.com), allows Cooper Standard to deliver optimal innovative glycol thermal management system solutions to customers.

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