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Cooper Standard is Delivering Exceptional Value Through Advanced Analytics

Cooper Standard is taking innovation to the next level with digital tools and advanced analytics to deliver exceptional value. Virtual validation processes are capturing the interest of customers by delivering accurate predictive simulations through data-driven insights before production of physical parts ever begins.

Cooper Standard’s advanced analytics helps:

  • Eliminate physical prototypes 
  • Increase speed-to-market 
  • Provide better products 
  • Optimize vehicle performance  
  • Simplifying the vehicle assembly process


With decades of knowledge and experience, we train our engineers and experts to perform analysis early in the development process to help guide design choices. We are equipping our team with the latest innovative and digital tools that allow them to better control accuracy of measurements and refine solutions to increase product and system performance in both our sealing and fluid handling product lines. We are producing the right solutions, the first time, in record time.  
We are also helping bring new solutions to the market faster. Our advanced analysis and virtual validation are drastically shortening the development timeline, delivering solutions up to six times faster to customers. This approach also positively impacts sustainability by using less resources and eliminating the need for physical samples and traditional “trial and error” testing, increasing speed-to-market.  
Customers can expect exceeded requirements through data-driven insights for better performance. Learn more about Cooper Standard’s virtual validation: https://www.cooperstandard.com/solutions/culture-of-innovation/advanced-analytics

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